The AGC Experience

Can focus be fun?

November 01, 2021 Accelerated Global Connections
The AGC Experience
Can focus be fun?
Show Notes

 The AGC Experience podcast features our AGC Talks speakers sharing their message in an audio podcast that you can listen to from anywhere. Listen in to our recent AGC Talks featured guest.  

Listen as Elizabeth Maora Sickels shares Can focus be fun? Yes a motivational talk with AGC  

We have so much emphasis around focusing, focus on work, on your clients, on your spouse, on your kids, on your eating, on your exercising, focus, focus, focus!! 

What if it could be fun instead of chore? Well, let me tell you, it can be!! And you're going to find out how and why! 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Focus 
  • Fun 
  • Getting outcomes you want 


Speaker Bio: 

Elizabeth Maora Sickels is a new breed of entrepreneurship. Having spent 15 years in corporate America and traveling the world decided to venture into the great unknown. A farm girl originally from the east side of Indiana, with a Purdue engineering undergrad and Michigan State Executive MBA she considers herself a reformed corporate engineer! She has a passion for hosting and property management that is infectious, education and the right mindset is a key theme in her public speaking. Elizabeth teaches monthly, speaks nationally, and has a podcast to further the short-term rental industry. 

Elizabeth is very involved in real estate, shes the President of the Indiana State Real Estate Investors Association, serves on two committees for the VRMA (Vacation Rental Management Association) and has a monthly subgroup through the Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association. She also has an excellent online course called Elizabeth Maora University. Elizabeth now resides in Indianapolis, Indiana starting and scaling businesses. Including an affordable housing 501c3 named Exquisitely Engineered, Inc. 


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