The AGC Experience

How being an underdog became my advantage

October 11, 2021 Accelerated Global Connections
The AGC Experience
How being an underdog became my advantage
Show Notes

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Listen as Linda Hayles shares a motivational talk How being an underdog became my advantage with AGC Minneapolis April 2021. 


I've been homeless after divorce... I'm a sales and recruiting expert. I've done a TEDx Talk while I was on food stamps. My gosh... I raised a problematic teenager without killing him and now he's an honorable man serving as a Corporal in the US Army. My mom has 2 children that grew up, went to prison and died there. I didn't go to prison but I got pregnant at 16. I am a cycle breaker. My children did not get pregnant in high school or go to jail. As a divorced, Hispanic woman, mother of bi-racial kids... I was supposed to be a statistic. But my life and my children's lives are anything but that. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • How to use all the negatives in your life as your advantage to win 
  • How to change the course of your life 
  • How to win 


Speaker Bio: 

Linda Hayles is a straight-talkin, no-sugar coatin, 

results gettin, highly energetic speaker & high 

performance coach. 


She teaches women to make their annual income in a few months. Her clients go from setting goals they never achieve to making success predictable. 

Linda knows this is possible because she went from being a divorced, single mom, on public assistance, with a GED and achieved the following: 


  • Got a degree 
  • Opened a business 
  • Wrote a book 
  • Became the go-to girl for life and relationship advice 
  • Became the head translator at Lakewood Church 
  • (the largest church in the nation) 
  • Delivered a TEDx Talk 
  • Became an Int'l Speaker 
  • Is a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer 
  • Hosts her own events and has helped others launch their own businesses and become published authors. 


Linda's passion is to help women break generational cycles by empowering them to make A LOT of money. 


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