The AGC Experience

Automation = Professionalism = More Business

July 26, 2021 Accelerated Global Connections
The AGC Experience
Automation = Professionalism = More Business
Show Notes

The AGC Experience podcast features our AGC Talks speakers sharing their message in an audio podcast that you can listen to from anywhere. Listen in to our recent AGC Talks featured guest.   

Listen as Brian Kelly shares a motivational talk Automation = Professionalism = More Business with AGC California March 2021. 

Case Study: How Automating a Live Video Show saves over $43,000 per year AND helps to land big paying contracts 


Learning Objectives: 

  • The advantages of automation in your business 
  • Improve Communications 
  • Reduce Errors, Increase Predictable Outcomes 
  • Time Savings 


Speaker Bio: 

Entrepreneurs hire Brian to stand out in the marketplace & attract a steady stream of ideal clients because most are extremely frustrated due to the fact that they simply cant figure out how to do it. 

He helps entrepreneurs to saturate the marketplace with their message through live video shows, combined with proven automation strategies to get them more exposure. 

Bottom line - Brian helps them showcase their true professionalism and gain massive exposure while saving them both time and money, guaranteed. 


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