The AGC Experience

How to turn imposter syndrome on its head, quickly and easily

June 21, 2021 Accelerated Global Connections
The AGC Experience
How to turn imposter syndrome on its head, quickly and easily
Show Notes

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Listen as Anne Whitehouse shares a motivational talk How to turn imposter syndrome on its head, quickly and easily with AGC Minneapolis March 2021. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • A radical new understanding on what causes imposter syndrome, low confidence, and the push pull that sabotage your success and impact in the world. 
  • Why conventional empowerment only plasters over the cracks. 
  • How to turn your imposter literally on its head, in the moment, and skyrocket confidence just when you need it. 

Speaker Bio: 

Dr Anne Whitehouse is an author, Legend Within speaker, a PhD scientist turned female power alchemist, FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts), and subconscious transformation expert. Above all, she is a passionate empoweree of women, dedicated to helping them achieve their full potential and success through activating their innate female brilliance. 

Anne studied at Jesus College, Cambridge University, graduating a scholar and multiple prize-winner with a first class honors degree in Natural Sciences. She won the 1990 Royal Charter Prize awarded by the Institute of Metals, as the top metallurgy graduate in the UK, then went on to gain a PhD and an EPSRC post-doctoral research fellowship. By 1996 she was a high-flying University Lecturer (College Professor) in Mechanics of Materials at a leading university's Engineering Department. 

In this environment, she came up against the Boys Club, struggled with confidence and suffered stress, anxiety and burnout, which ultimately caused her to leave her scientific career. Instead of accepting the situation, she embarked on a quest to understand what had caused her extreme reaction in a career for which she was eminently qualified and capable. 

After 20 years of research, applying her scientific approach to the subconscious world, and working with many high-achieving women, who had all gone through similar experiences, she developed a six-key, ground-breaking code for unlocking profound confidence by breaking free of old limitations set by the patriarchal systems encoded into our psyche. This life-changing process is described in her impactful bestselling book Pull Back Your Power, which offers techniques to release women from the hidden subconscious restraints that continue to sabotage their wellbeing and block success, despite the freedoms of the 21st century. 


Anne works with high-achieving visionary women, facilitating life-changing workshops, talks, mastermind groups and one to one power alchemy, both online and worldwide. She lives near Leicester in the UK with her husband and son. 

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