The AGC Experience

How to be more like the person you were born to be with

June 14, 2021 Accelerated Global Connections
The AGC Experience
How to be more like the person you were born to be with
Show Notes

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Listen as Randy Hyden shares a motivational talk Invincible - How to be more like the person you were born to be with AGC. 

We all have ideas that we carry deeply within us that handicap us from living at our natural best- which is free from anxiety, burnout, regret, resentment and shame. 

We also lack clarity on what our highest values are, so we are not intentional about what we choose to do that would allow for us to do more of what we enjoy more often - and less of what we have an aversion about. 

What we will discuss is how to be more like the person we are born to be so that we can have the life we are born to live. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identity- How do we see ourself and the our integration into the world around us. How this shapes our life. 
  • Integrity- We say/think that we value particular characteristics, but are we living them out consistently? If not, what to do. 
  • Clarity- How to maintain living in integrity with your highest values and therefore feel greater self-esteem and fulfilment. 

Speaker Bio: 

I’ve done many things that I am proud of and can be placed on a resume but the greatest accomplishment of my life is being continuously sober for over 14 years as of this writing. 

And as most anyone who has long term sobriety will tell you, these last 14 years have been filled with so many unforeseen challenges and opportunities. For me this journey began with intense thoughts of despair- basically concluding that I could not do life as a drunk or as as sober person so I might as well just end my life. I also went through the deaths of both my parents and best friend in less than 12 months. Then immediately after there was a lawsuit with my sister due to her committing fraud and having me removed from the family trust. Those few years many of my friends were concerned that I would relapse. Fortunately, I did have a group good friends and a good foundation for living sober that allowed me to not return to myself destructive ways and I did prevail in the lawsuit. Then I started the business I had dreamed about all my life but after years of giving it everything I had, it became apparent that closing the doors was the best course of action. Through all of this nasty stuff, and there was even more than I shared here, I was able to not just stay sober but to use the tools I had learned to go to the next level of my sobriety. 


These tools provided for greater self care, self assertiveness and self leadership. These techniques have also helped me overcome deeply imbedded emotional traumas. I no longer suffer from anxiety, burnout, regret, resentment, self hatred and shame. No longer do I fall prey to constantly blaming myself and thinking that there must be something wrong with me. 

Therefore I know that these skills benefit a person much more than staying sober; this is a design for living that works for anyone seeking an improved mental state and greater mental clarity. In other words, this works for anyone who wants to move on with their life. 

This is a way to get off the merry go round of therapy, seminars, bad relationships and sometimes even falling prey to cult like groups desperately trying to find a way to stop the pain. Like it did for me and many other people who concluded that they were doomed to a life of misery. 

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