The AGC Experience

Failing Fearlessly for Success 

June 06, 2022 Accelerated Global Connections
The AGC Experience
Failing Fearlessly for Success 
Show Notes

The AGC Experience podcast features our AGC Talks speakers sharing their message in an audio podcast that you can listen to from anywhere. Listen in to our recent AGC Talks featured guest. Listen as Trish Perry shares Failing Fearlessly for Success a motivational talk with AGC Minneapolis September 2021. 

"Failure is success in progress." Albert Einstein 

If failure is success in progress, why is failure unacceptable at school, work and home? FAIL has become synonymous with FEAR. 


Think about this, we accept failure when babies are learning to walk. We encourage them to get up and try again and again. In the end, babies HAVE to fail to learn to walk. 

When was the last time you were encouraged to fail to learn as an adult at home or at work? 

When did we stop accepting that failure is, in fact, success in progress? 

In Failing Fearlessly for Success, we take the fear out of failure and risk and uncover how failure can lead to success. 


I invite you to join me to redefine and embrace failure for success as Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill and Oprah and so many other successful people have done. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Examine current definitions of failure 
  • Explore how failure can lead to success 
  • Learn to communicate mistakes and failures replacing fear with courage 
  • Learn to communicate risks BEFORE you start 
  • Redefine failure 


Speaker Bio: 

Trish Perry is a Results Coach helping organizations develop leaders that build engaged, productive teams. She also coaches professionals who've been thrown off course by an unexpected hardship. Trish worked over 25 years in successful leadership roles at Target and Limited Express and others leading .com, project management, technology, and merchandising teams. 


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