The AGC Experience

The Magic of Being Memorable 

April 18, 2022 Accelerated Global Connections
The AGC Experience
The Magic of Being Memorable 
Show Notes

The AGC Experience podcast features our AGC Talks speakers sharing their message in an audio podcast that you can listen to from anywhere. Listen in to our recent AGC Talks featured guest. Listen as Bo Young shares The Magic of Being Memorable a motivational talk with AGC Minneapolis August 2021. 

Each of us is remarkable in our own way, and the impact we have on others matters. When we embrace the gifts we have been given and share them with the world we have the ability to inspire and improve our lives and the lives we intersect with. Learn how kindness can be a competitive advantage and discover the consequences of caring for your community. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognizing what makes you remarkable and the reason to embrace your uniqueness. 
  • The importance of being your authentic you. 
  • How to stand out from your competition and stay top of mind. 
  • Gain awareness of the way you make people feel. 



Speaker Bio: 

Bo Young wears a few hats, and he cherishes his roles as husband, father, son, friend, entrepreneur, ambassador of kindness, and advocate of showing appreciation. He has launched and sold multiple businesses, including a carpet cleaning company, janitorial service, insurance agency, and RV rental business. As the President and Chief Appreciation Officer of the William Young Insurance Agency, he believes in exceptional customer service and compassion. He is a relationship marketing enthusiast and he believes our communities are only as good as we make them. He aspires to continually encourage and share ideas with other businesses on how to build trust and show gratitude in new and creative ways. He is also a Super Affiliate with Mailbox Power and a proud member and sponsor of AGC! 


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